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Welcome to Valucom's TariffNet
The telecommunications industry's original internet tariff library.

Valucom’s Internet based tariff library, offers timely access to the most current telecommunication’s carrier rates and product information so important to your daily business functions. Access to current tariff information provides you with the valuable competitive information, purchasing comparisons, billing verification justification or regulatory support critical to any company in telecommunications or related fields.

Database Services

Valucom offers a wide range of telecommunication database services. These databases provide information for numerous services offered by almost every telecommunications carrier worldwide. The databases enable our clients to include tariff prices in their call accounting software, bill verification systems, network design applications, or other applications, which require electronic access to the most current and accurate tariff data.

Over the last 24 years Valucom has developed and refined a unique format to present tariff data in easy-to-use relational databases. Since Valucom handles all its databases internally, the information may be customized to a client’s specific needs, making pricing and comparing telecommunications data simple.

About TariffNet

Valucom's TariffNet is the industry's leading site of telecommunications tariff information. TariffNet offers telecom tariffs, pricing tools, and tariff - extracted rating data obtained directly from the carriers and the regulatory documents filed with the FCC, OR PUCs/PSCs.

Our current customer base includes IXC Carriers, RBOCs, ILECs, CLECs, Fortune 500 companies, resellers, wireless carriers, and consultants. Valucom's customers use our products and services to compete effectively, meet deadlines, cut costs and work more efficiently.

Library & Tools
  • Fully searchable library of over 45,000 tariffs that are updated daily!
  • Individualized tariff update notifications. You select the tariffs and the day your report sent.
  • or even select specific tariffs.
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